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Our company

Smile&Drive Sp.z.o.o specialises in selling new and used luxury cars as well as bigger batches of popular cars offered on the wholesale market. On the basis of cooperation with the largest car distributors in the country, Europe and worldwide, we prepare the best available offers of cars for You.

The economic principle of free competition inscribed in the Treaty of Rome from 1957 is binding in the European Union, however, it happens to be suspended or excluded in various areas of the economy. Car sales have been the area in which the exclusion of free competition in Europe has been the most evident for decades. Car producers were allowed to regulate the rules of car distribution, service and parts, regulate granting of authorisations, determine reserved areas etc. – that is to apply practices that would be unthinkable in many other spheres of trade and services. We have become so accustomed to this that it has ceased to surprise us. But the situation had to change – it has been acknowledged that such a special “protective umbrella” over car producers brings consumers more harm than benefits, and in particular causes overpricing. New provisions (called “GVO car sales directive” or “new rules of block exemption”), which introduce revolutionary changes in the organisation of the motor vehicle market, were issued on the 28th of January 2003 in Poland. These changes open new possibilities in the dealer market, service and repair garage workshops. If they are weak and have no initiative, they may well be afraid of the loss of their current positions. If they are strong, active and creative, a great chance is lies before them. The founder and manager of Smile&Drive Sp.z.o.oy, Robert Szumacher has been in the vehicle sales business since 1991. He created the car market in Poland after the political and economic changes in the 90’s. He managed the greatest dealer organisations in Poland and then he trained sales personnel and sales managers of different sectors. He devotes his experience and skills to the organisation created so that it serves its clients with the greatest efficiency and commitment.

We invite you to work with us.